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SINCE 1912


On the ground in Fukagawa, Tokyo
Founded in 1912
Koto City Intangible Cultural Property Inheritance​

Jewelry Sashou started in 1912 as a Fukagawa craftsman's shop. Fukagawa's geisha district retains the aesthetic sense of "spirit" and "strength" of the Tatsumi geisha. It is rooted in the production of ornaments such as “kanzashi” and “obijime”, which were loved by geisha representing Fukagawa.


The third generation, who has inherited the decoration techniques and passion for making from the first generation, is also active in the production of stage jewelry.


Metalworking (third generation)
Shinichi Saso

28 years of professional experience. ANNA SUI also handles crowns and jewelry used in movies and on stage. "Koto Brand" certification. "Tokyo Teshigoto" certification. Belongs to Tokyo Engraving

The owner of the shop appeared on a national radio station and appeared on FM Aichi "Next TRADITION (MC: MEGUMI, Keiichi Kuramochi)"


"Tokyo Teshigoto" Certification

Led by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center, "Tokyo Teshigoto" sheds light on the traditional techniques of Tokyo's "traditional crafts" and promotes the charm of the delicate "handicrafts" of craftsmen not only in Japan but also to the world. It is an effort to send to. Jerry Sashou's original jewelry was introduced.

Anna Sui Cosmetics

“Jewelry SASHOU” designed and crafted “Butterfly” motif as a concept of ANNA SUI’s promotion campaign. The butterfly was widely watched as a popular item for women.


Imperial theater "crown for wedding"

Jewelry and marriage pair crowns designed and crafted for the stage performance at Imperial Theatre. The gorgeous and rich crown fascinated audience and it was published in the Imperial theatre’s magazine.

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